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Advantages of toilet Paper

Are you having a hard time finding toilet paper? Have you completely run out? With supplies running low, Armstrong Plumbing is here to assist you with a few alternatives

Here are 5 simple alternatives to help you and your BUM during these “bummer” times!

Disclaimer: (Please be aware that toilet paper and waste are the only safe items to flush down your drain! The items listed below must be disposed of properly.)

  1. One of the simplest alternatives to toilet paper is actual paper! Notebooks, phone book pages, and old newspapers are all great things to use! In the Good Old Day’s they would use something called an “outhouse” instead of our indoor bathrooms, fully stocked with a “Sears Catalogue” as toilet paper.  Don’t have a “Sears Catalogue” handy? Those pesky receipts you have laying around work well too.  (We find CVS receipts are a perfect size) Be aware that not all paper is comfortable to wipe with! We recommend wetting the paper before use to avoid a paper cut. Ouch! Believe us… it’s not pretty! Paper is not flushable and should be disposed of by means of a trashcan.
  2. Baby wipes are another great alternative that will leave you clean and feeling fresh! However, please be aware that many parents need baby wipes for their children! Before you go and buy 30 boxes of wipes, be considerate of those who actually need this product for their children’s health. Though some wipes claim to be flushable, they are still a hazard to your plumbing and can build up in your pipes over long periods of usage. Please dispose of all baby wipes in a trash bin to keep Armstrong from having to rescue your drains.
  3. Washable Rags are another wonderful alternative. You may be asking yourself “Why would I waste my perfectly good hand towels by cleaning my unspeakable?” Well, short story short, they are washable. Instead of wasting a resource that is becoming more and more unavailable, use an alternative that can not only be used multiple times but is much better on the environment! When washing rags, it is a good idea to use bleach to kill off any bacteria that may stick to the fabric after use. (Not Flushable)
  4. We all know who lives in a pineapple under the sea, but did you know that his absorbent, yellow, and porous body is actually a wonderful alternative for TP? Sponges are not only washable and reusable (much like the towel), but they are also much more comfortable than the aforementioned paper option. Once again, please use cleaning products such as bleach to wash out your sponges after use. Make sure that all the cleaning product has been washed out before reusing the sponge. (Not Flushable)
  5. Finally, Bidets are great options for cleaning the undercarriage! With little waste, bidets are an environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper. With little water waste, you can walk away from your bathroom feeling squeaky clean. Bidet not in your budget? Did you know that you can get a bidet toilet seat that works just the same for a fraction of the cost? Give us a call for more details.

Before you panic and buy out Costco of all the toilet paper, please consider these 5 alternatives!

If you have any type of plumbing concern or need any type of assistance with unclogging your drains, please give Armstrong Plumbing a call! We are here to serve you during these difficult times!