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Money in tap

Managing running water can prove tricky at times for many homeowners. Running water is a necessity, but it can come at a high price! One wrong move and your plumbing fixtures may cost you a significant money loss. You might find it hard to start saving money on your water bill due to things like showering, loads of laundry, and dishwashing. Worse, some of the most essential fixtures in your home like toilets and showers will also prove taxing on your savings! One of the most common reasons for higher costs on water bills is due to homeowners refusing to do anything regarding their plumbing system’s efficiency! Don’t become one of those homeowners! Armstrong Plumbing can help. Below are 5 great steps to lower your monthly water bill!

How Can You Save Money on Water Bills?

  1. Upgrade Your Washing Machines: Saving money by upgrading your washing machine is definitely an investment, however, you may save you 50% more water compared to your current model. One mistake some homeowners will make is washing clothes that are not dirty. It’s a good practice to use laundry bins to sort dirty clothes from clean as to not do double the loads!
  2. Upgrade the Dishwashers: Washing dishes by hand actually cost you more on water bills than using a dishwasher. Instead of exhausting yourself doing the good ol’ “Wax on, Wax Off”, upgrade your dishwasher to a more efficient model, which can save you up to 30% more water compared to conventional methods. It also ends up being about 80% more efficient than washing dishes by hand.
  3. Save Money on Bathroom Fixtures: Did you know that your current toilet, shower, and faucets may be using up to 41 gallons per person, per day? If any of these fixtures are growing older, you should definitely consider replacing them. For example, you may want to consider a toilet replacement so you can upgrade to a low-flush toilet. Upgrading to new fixtures will allow you to save more water and money on plumbing repairs.
  4. Be Careful Watering the Lawn: If you love taking care of your lawn, you may not be so happy when you discover your outdoor watering habits may be costing you the most money. It’s estimated that up to 55% of your water is used outdoors! Save money by using an efficient drip system that waters the base of the plants instead of simply dousing the foliage.
  5. Improve your Water Meters: You may also want to talk with Armstrong Plumbing about upgrading your water meters!. Modern water meters can detect leaks in your home and give you detailed information on your water usage. Not only will this let you know if you need to change your water usage habits, but it will also allow you to see where the majority of your water is going throughout your household.

Don’t wait another minute to start saving on your water bill!
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