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Tap repair

Imagine This:

Christmas is just around the corner! You want to buy your wife a beautiful necklace. You find the perfect one and know its top-notch quality! You have done all the research to pick the perfect length, shape, and gem! You go to the jeweler and pick it up. They provide you with the necklace in a cute box with a bow on top. It looks really nice, but you think to yourself “Maybe I should get a nicer gift box?!” (That’s beside the point) You take it home and remove it from the box to inspect it one final time before the big surprise. Suddenly your stomach starts to rumble from the leftover Curry you had eaten that morning! You are now in a mad dash to the restroom! You enter the door leave the necklace on the bathroom sink. Without thinking of your spatial awareness, you go to put your phone down and… BAM! the necklace is in the drain. (Very specific I know.)

You now have a predicament and you are still in shock. Well, do we have the answers for you! Armstrong Plumbing to the rescue!

First Step: Breathe

You will have a much easier time retrieving the necklace with a calm demeanor. It has happened to the best of us, you are not the first guy in the world to have dropped a necklace in the drain. (Don’t rush and try to shove your hand in the drain or run any type of water in a panic. The last thing you want is to get your hand stuck in the drain!)

There are a couple of different tricks you can try to retrieve the necklace. One of the most reliable ways is disassembling the drainpipe and fishing out the lost item. Because the necklace will typically sink to the bottom of the bend in the P-trap (the part of the drainpipe that is shaped like a “P”), that’s where you should begin. Here’s how to perform the task:

  1. Place a bucket under the sink as to not leak any water on your cabinets. (Your wife may never know about the necklace. But she will find the nasty water damage caused trying to get it!)
  2. You will need a wrench for this next part! Unscrew the slip nut at the bend of the pipe.
  3. Unscrew the slip nut at the other end of the bend and slide the slip nut up and out of the way. You can now drop down the p-trap and remove it.
  4. At this point, the necklace may fall out of the pipe and into the bucket, However, there may be hair clogging up the drain which you will have to remove the necklace from. If the necklace dropped into a bathroom sink and you don’t see it, it may be caught around the drain stopper.
  5. Then, once you have the necklace, you can simply reverse the steps to replace the p-trap.

Another possible solution for how to get a necklace out of the sink is magnetic fishing. Tie a magnet to a string and dangle it down into the drain. With this trick, you may be able to pull up the necklace without having to remove the trap. This trick will only work if the necklace is made of magnetic metal such as stainless steel. Gold, silver, and platinum are not magnetic.

If you are unable to retrieve the necklace, DON’T PANIC!
Call Armstrong Plumbing! We will get it back to you!