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Wash Basin

When you think about kitchens, what is the first thing you think about? Is it wooden cabinets, roll around the island, or maybe it’s even a bar! But perhaps you should be thinking about a different material. Stainless steel is an ideal kitchen material that is sometimes overlooked. If you take a look at commercial kitchens, they all seem to know something we don’t. So our question is: “Can people like us, the real world, use stainless steel in the kitchen to our benefit?” Today we will be diving a little deeper into how this material can change your life as we know it!


Stainless steel is used around the world in situations where hygiene is vital, and that includes surgical theatres and kitchens. The process of cleaning stainless steel is incredibly easy! Due to its properties being durable and hardwearing, you can clean it over and over with no effect on the look or durability/longevity of the product! Though you should avoid scratching the surfaces. Stainless steel is non-porous, which means that it helps to prevent any bacterial growth that can take place below the surface of materials such as wood. This makes it one of the best surfaces to work with, as well as making it an excellent material for food storage


Good quality stainless steel in a kitchen could last you as long as a century; if looked after properly. High nickel content stainless is extremely resistant to corrosion, and in a high moisture content area, such as a kitchen, resistance to moisture is incredibly important. It is no coincidence that things like cutlery and pots and pans are usually made from stainless steel, and its high resilience to heat and everyday wear and tear make it perfect in the kitchen!


If you take a look at any kitchen you walk into, you will notice that metal is used at least somewhere, but now designers are starting to use steel as accents as well. Brushed and satin-finished cabinet doors and appliances are adding a clean feel to homes around the world, while fixtures like steel lintels and girders are adding some extra style and design finesse. From designer cutlery and top-end pots and pans to bespoke faucets and light fittings; metals such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and bronze are adding a metallic style all of their own.


One of the greatest things about stainless steel is its ability to be used over and over. Unlike wood, stainless can be melted down and formed into another product. On average stainless steel products contain 60% recycled steel, and 90% of end-of-life steel products become recycled. It seems that the more stainless steel you use in your kitchen, the more you are helping the sustainability of the planet.


If you want low maintenance, then steel is what you want. Good quality nickel steel alloys only require cleaning, and their corrosion resistance is not just skin deep; it runs through every molecule. No painting or treating with waxes and polishes; stainless steel is as low maintenance as it gets.